Metlife India launches its new website

Just noticed that Metlife India has just launched a new website at , do check it out.

If anyone has visited the site earlier you would agree that it is a major improvement from what the site was earlier , its a total revamp and deviation from the structure they have been following all this while. From design element to the display of information , everything has been tweaked and changes to ensure a enhance user experience…all for the better!

What really sticks out is the huge Marquee in the middle as well as 4 tabs on the header – Individuals , corporates , NRI and Financial Advisors. A little surfing showed that the intention would be to speak to different audiences thrugh these 4 tabs , a bit unique in my opinion as well as a bit non traditional.

The default landing page is that of Individuals , post landing depending on who you are , you proceed to the concerned section. Its a bit confusing since all the 4 landing pages of the tabs are identical in structure , the navigation for each section is different but im finding it a bit hard to get used to. Wonder if any of the other insurance sites follow something similar , not to the best of my knowledge.

The site is a little slow , i doubt its my internet connection , though it could be, but pages which have bigger images are the one’s facing the problem, images take a few seconds to load though they do look nice.

Attaching a screenshot of the older website….

MetLife Old

MetLife Old