Launching a Viral ???

This post is Perfetti and Digivaasi’s fault.

To cut a long story short ( the longer version is available on AlooTechie) is that Perfetti and Digivaasi have launched a game called Shineshah Challenge as a social media activity.

What i find very odd is the use of the term VIRAL while describing the game. I find it a bit difficult to comprehend that digitally active clients such as Perfetti and an agency like Digivaasi would be so careless in the usage of the word.

A viral is something which is created not by the people developing it but through a massive cascading effect owing to the attractiveness of the content that is being shown.  In essence it is a stamp a particular item will get if its gets popular enough such as in the case of Evolution of Dance , Star Wars Kid and so forth, or the latest video doing the rounds in connection to United Airlines.

There is nothing wrong ofcourse is promoting a viral either , though personally i believe that pure virals are ones which are promoted through word of mouth and not an advertising push , but in the context it sounds like an Oxymoron unfortunately for both parties involved , in essence its saying :-

We have a viral video which we will promote through a banner campaign – If you had a viral video , there would be no need to promote it.

Update@ 12:15 AM : The link to the story on alootechie is down for some reason as of earlier this evening and current showing as page not found but it did get indexed by google  and appears at a few other sites as well.

Air NewZealand bares all!!

Just to add on to my viral post a few days ago , one came across this great ad from Air New Zealand which is making quite the waves online. Youtube shows almost 1.8 million views since it has been loaded in the 1st week of May 2009 – Now thats a viral!

Check it out here.

Lets make a Viral…..

I dont understand why client cant get it!

Over the last week , all i have heard is ‘lets make a viral”  ‘ i have a brilliant idea, lets do a viral” , “why cant we do a viral”….

You cant , becasue its not in your hands….

A viral is in it pure marketing sense is an advertisement or a creative which is pushed into the market and will get passed from person to person if it stands out , has someting infectious in it. Its like the name say’s – VIRAL!

Marketers, Online planners all hope that it will grow and reach a large audience set , but there is little which can be done to influence the complete path that the creative takes. Making a creative and sending it out via email to 500,000 people is not a viral – thats email marketing.

Whats a viral  – a viral is cloverfield , the KFC advertisement , the Benny Lava video , Zoo Zoo.

What can a marketer do – make a good creative , have interesting communication and hope for the best. Your only influence is the medium which you use to push it into the market for the first time – the way you seed – after that its really out of your hand.