Turning off Facebook Open Graph

I am not even going to attempt going into the details , negatives and positives of the announcements which Facebook has made in the recent F8 conference , theres a lot of information out on the web and sites like Watblog have covered it well. What i will touch on is the Open Graph feature

To summarize , Open graph essentially allows other websites to access details of your Facebook account to try and give you a more personalized experience while surfing the internet. FB has tied up with 30 odd vendors across the web right now to try and make this happen. So if you visit a website , the open graph gives you recommendations basis what it thinks you will like – what you like is something it will try and figure out by scanning your FB account – Yes , Privacy suddenly becomes public.

I for one am still in the process of digesting all the implications and the information present on this , but what i did do was to turn off this feature to ensure that till i am 100% convinced (IF) , my details are protected and for those who wish to follow the same approach , this is how you can turn it off ( Incidentally for me it was off by default , but never hurts to check it out)

Login to your account and go to Privacy Settings from the account tab present on the top right. Then go to applications and websites in the choices which you see.  Once inside this page , scroll right to the bottom , to the INSTANT PERSONALIZATION link and uncheck ALLOW. This will deactivate the feature.

Facebook Privacy

OK TATA no Bye Bye

Picked this one up from Wat-blog a little while ago – Oktatabyebye.com , the online travel community was hauled up by the TATA’s for using their name “Tata” in the website address , and the world intellectual property organization has ruled in the favor of the Tata’s – Make my trip is now going to move the Delhi High Court ( and rightly so in my opinion)

I wrote on WatBlog that – Given the state and condition of our trucks here in India , if TATA’s have such a problem with the name being used , they should haul up every truck driver or union and get them to remove the name from their vehicles as well….. after all i am sure it would not be too long ago for anyone to have noticed the Tata name on the back of a truck covered partly in garbage , or dirt – hows that for brand image? ( Anyone got a picture to share?)

Jokes aside , the community has been around for 3 years , Tata’s longer , why the problem now? And whats more where does one draw the line between everything being an intellectual property for someone or the other – Tata ( please correct me if i am off on this) has been a hind (slang?) word for ages , should generic words such as this even be allowed to fall under the preview of IPR’s?

Networkplay and Gawker

Watblog ,today, carried an article on the alliance between Networkplay and Gawker Media and quoting it to be a steal as far as the advantage in terms of inventory acquisiton was concerned and implying that it wasa big step in the right direction.

I don’t think so and would probably care to disagree strongly at this juncture with that viewpoint. The fact of the matter is that Gawker is one ,of the many associations of sites , available to a smart publisher network manager. Firstly i dont see the connectivity between this alliance and Networkplay’s initial focus verticals which  are women and travel.

Secondly , having a 10% Indian footfall on a site which is ranked 4500 in Alexa is honestly just not that great. Leaving aside issues pertaining to the quality of inventory etc , the equation does not seem to allow for much even purely in terms of being able to achieve a deep inventory pool. While Alexa cannot be trusted , i can, thanks to having been in this role, gauge approximate relationships between rank and inventory , and it might be good at best,  but not exceptional.

Not only are there more site associations or large publishers , there are better ones as well and its not too dfficult picking them up as long as the pitch is right. Hey , its not too difficult getting them to switch networks either as long as the sensitivity to exectations caters to realization of issues which can be used against the existing network.

My apologies for not being more frequent with my postings. Thanks to everyone who wrote in – I shall try and pick up some of the topics suggested  , but i cant promise. However to all those who wrote about the Indian online space , rest assured that’s a topic i shall visit frequently.