Lets make a Viral…..

I dont understand why client cant get it!

Over the last week , all i have heard is ‘lets make a viral”¬† ‘ i have a brilliant idea, lets do a viral” , “why cant we do a viral”….

You cant , becasue its not in your hands….

A viral is in it pure marketing sense is an advertisement or a creative which is pushed into the market and will get passed from person to person if it stands out , has someting infectious in it. Its like the name say’s – VIRAL!

Marketers, Online planners all hope that it will grow and reach a large audience set , but there is little which can be done to influence the complete path that the creative takes. Making a creative and sending it out via email to 500,000 people is not a viral – thats email marketing.

Whats a viral  Рa viral is cloverfield , the KFC advertisement , the Benny Lava video , Zoo Zoo.

What can a marketer do – make a good creative , have interesting communication and hope for the best. Your only influence is the medium which you use to push it into the market for the first time – the way you seed – after that its really out of your hand.