4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. hi puchoo, my friend and i are coming over to india , from OZ, october 22, 2010. staying KL o’nite, reach delhi 2220hrs on 21 oct.. we need a good cheap hotel in delhi for about 5 hours sleep, then catch the train to Kalka, then connect toy train to Shimla. do you have any advice for us, ie, times etc.
    would love to meet you for a meal. we are staying at The Toshali Apartments in Shimla.

    we are there for 12 days, and will be leaving 6th nov. will probably do bus back to delhi, unless of course we are absolutely besotted with the countryside, and will do the train again.

    do you think we need to book our train now???, are there lots of tourists about, all the time???

    cheers glenda and carol

    • Hi. I am going to start of by recommending one of my most favorite websites so that you can get a host of opinions other than mine on what the best way is to proceed and reach a more democratic decision 🙂 , definitely log on to indiamike.com as soon as you can , most of the information you want is always being discussed at any given point in time.

      I think you can wait a bit before booking your tickets , if you are absolutely sure of your dates then there is no harm going ahead whenever you want. You are not going to get any price advantages on Indian railways by booking in advance so that’s not a consideration.

      On the accomodation front , i have not heard of this resort so i cant say much but what i would like to point out is that it is beyond Shimla and not in the main town. You guys will need to commute via bus / taxi to the mall and other places. It lies on the Shimla-Kufri road , the advantage is that you can check out Kufri (its a hot tourist spot , lots of people , horses – you decide if thats good) and maybe go have lunch or something at the Wildflower Hall property of the Oberoi’s which is lovely.

      Shimla is perpetually crowded , in the summer people come to escape from the heat , in the winter to see the snow and generally all year around for something or the other. We can definitely catch up for a meal – i could be either in Shimla or in Delhi at that point since i rotate between the 2 places but if we can make it happen lets do that.

      On the hotel front (for Delhi) your best best is Indiamike , lots of hands on experiences by a lot of people to read and then decide on.

      let me know if there is anything else!

  2. Happy New Year!!! form Australia. have only just hit this site. sorry no one has wished you well for 2010.

    glenda and carol

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